The GSE Composite Index (GSE-CI) and GSE Financial Stock Index (GSE-FSI) closed the third quarter of 2022 with YTD returns of negative 11.8 per cent and negative 3.80 per cent, respectively, compared to 47.06 per cent and 15.28 per cent at the end of September 2021.

The GSE-FSI performed better than the GSE-CI due to major price recoveries in ACCESS, TBL, and SIC.

During the quarter, there were four gainers.

ACCESS was the top gainer with a quarterly return of 59.76 per cent, closing the quarter at GH₵4.01.

The second gainer for the quarter was TBL with a quarterly return of 9.09 per cent. BOPP was the third gainer, ending the quarter at GH₵6.48, which represented an eight per cent quarterly gain.

SIC was the fourth gainer, ending the quarter at GH₵0.33, representing a quarterly gain of 6.45 per cent.

On the other hand, GCB led the pack of 12 losers, ending the quarter at GH₵4.

GCB Bank’s loss represented a quarterly loss of 20 per cent and was followed by SOGEGH, which ended the quarter at GH₵1, representing a 15.25 per cent quarterly loss.

The other losers were EGH, ETI, UNIL, CMLT, GGBL, EGL, MTNGH, GOIL, SCB, and MAC.

Prices of 14 stocks remained flat.

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(By SEM Capital Advisors)