PZ Cussons Ghana Limited has announced that it has been de-listed from the Ghana Stock Exchange (GSE) effective Monday, October 19.

The offer results and de-listing have been approved by the GSE, a statement said on Friday.

“Offer Results out of a total of 2,079 shareholders represented in the register, 410 shareholders tendered a total of 8,830,143 shares valued at GHS 3,973,564.35, representing 53.37% of the total number of shares under the offer,” said the statement.

PZ Cussons (Holdings) Limited, the majority shareholder therefore now holds 160,432,149 shares, representing 95.50% of the issued shares of PZ Cussons.

The tendered shares have been transferred to the ownership of PZ Cussons (Holdings) Limited by the Registrar, UMB Registrars.

“After the De-Listing, shareholders should note that once PZ Cussons is de-listed from the Ghana Stock Exchange, the company’s shares will no longer be traded on the GSE.

“Therefore, shareholders who wish to trade their shares after the de-listing should contact UMB Registrars or IC Securities (Ghana) Limited for assistance,” it added.

credit: 3news

(By Laud Nartey)