Parliament on Thursday, 23 July 2020, approved the Lands Bill 2019.

The Bill seeks to consolidate the reforms made so far in Ghana’s land sector following the implementation of the National Land Policy (NLP) in 1999.

The Chairman of the Lands and Forestry Committee in Parliament, Mr Francis Adabor, said the bill aims to address long-standing challenges and problems embedded in the sector, as it would better define land management and acquisition.

“We have several laws including land title laws and its registration because these laws are going to put most of them together and with a few amendments in these laws, it is going to give security of tenure to those who want to acquire land … and to those who work on land at the Lands Commission to be able to finish with the registration,” he said.

Mr Adabor further explained that the Bill will inform how the chiefs and other landowners, stools, kings, clans and families manage their lands.

Additionally, he said it will also show them the secretariat they have to hold and how to keep their records.

“All these are spelt out in the law.”

Credit: classfmonline