AT the end of trading in May, most commodities saw increases in prices, digital agricultural solutions provider, esoko has disclosed.

There was a sharp increase in the price of a crate of tomatoes. The commodity gained 22.26 per cent to close the month at GH₵572.69 from GH₵ 468.42 the previous month.

The highest price of GH₵720 was recorded for tomatoes in Dambai while the lowest price of GH₵420 was recorded in Kumasi. According to Esoko, “currently, most tomatoes on the market are brought in from neighboring countries, which has contributed to the sharp increase in prices.”

Groundnut also gained 6.40 per cent to close at GH₵546.16 with maize gaining 5.46 percent to close at GH₵162.00 per bag however the highest price of maize of GH₵205 was recorded in Takoradi with the lowest price of GH₵115 recorded in Bawku.
Cassava (fresh tubers) moved up by 4.95 per cent to close at GH₵75.75 per bag while Yam (Pona) gained 4.27 per cent to close at GH₵724.61.
Wheat gained 3.89 per cent to close at GH₵307.04 per bag with millet gaining 2.62 percent to close at GH₵232.72.

Gari made a gain of 2.38 per cent to close at GH₵192.46 per bag with Soya gaining 2.34 per cent to close at GH₵241.88 per bag. Imported rice made a marginal gain of 0.10 per cent to close at GH₵ 349.57 per bag.
Local rice lost 0.52 per cent to close at GH₵325.69 per bag. The highest price for local rice of GH₵400 per bag was recorded in Dambai, with the lowest price of GH₵260 recorded in Tamale.

Outlook for June

According to Esoko, all things being equal, most commodities are expected to continue their upward trends.

credit: The Finder

(By Isaac Aidoo)