Intravenous Infusions PLC (llPLC) is pleased to announce that the private placement offer has been concluded.

The private placement offer sought to issue 54,349,560 ordinary shares to raise GHc 5,434,956 at GHc 0.10 per share. At the end of the offer, which concluded on April 8, 2019, GHc 3,220,000 was raised, culminating in a total of 32,200,000 new ordinary shares issued.
The total outstanding shares of IIPLC have now increased from 226,621,246 to 258,821,246.

Two shareholders, AI Acquisitions Company Limited and Mr. Isaac Osei were allotted shares in IIPLC at the close of the private placement offer. These shareholders have increased their holdings in IIPLC to 53,946,000 and 7,700,000 ordinary shares, respectively.

About Intravenous Infusions
Intravenous Infusions (plc) Limited was incorporated in 1969 and began operations in 1974 as the first pharmaceutical company producing intravenous fluids in Ghana.
The main business activity of IIL is the production of intravenous infusions for therapeutic purposes.

Intravenous infusion therapy, commonly called IV, refers to the administration of fluids, drugs, or blood directly into the circulatory system through a vein. IIL is the oldest and most reliable indigenous IV fluids producer in Ghana and West Africa.

Credit: Goldstreetbusiness