Government has agreed to supply 100 megawatts of power to Burkina Faso after the country demanded for electricity from Ghana.
Ghana has over the years supplied and received power from some West African countries, including Ivory Coast.
Speaking at press conference in Accra, the Minister for Energy, Boakye Agyarko explained that the move is aimed at making use of Ghana’s idle plants since the country pays capacity charges on those plants.
He disclosed that Ghana has been supplying electricity to Burkina Faso over the years.
“We have been supplying power to Burkina Faso in a smaller quantity of 0.5 megawatts since 2003, but it moved to 9.2 megawatts in 2013, but it has now got to the point that Burkina Faso have embarked on a development agenda and need more power, and Ghana has agreed to supply power to a tune of 100 megawatts.”

The Burkinabe delegation was led by the country’s Energy Minister, Professor Alfa Oumar Dissa.
Mr. Agyrako underscored the need for West African countries to coordinate the distribution of electricity in the sub-region to reduce the cost of power.
He urged leaders in the energy sector to collaborate and help implement the West Africa Power Pool (WAPP) project to help reduce electricity cost.
“Those who want to exploit us will play us because we exist in small points, but going forward, we have to be of absolute resolve, and together we can do what is required for the benefit of our people,” he said.

Credit: citibusinessnews

(By Lawrence Segbefia)