Even before we begin to look at what went wrong, let’s be very clear on the fact that the performance indicators are very technical which include tax calculations, FDI’s, GDP impact assessments and many more. 

For the ordinary Ghanaian, a poor performance only means fundamental lapses in various structures. Let’s take a look at some of the possible causes of this poor performance.

Infrastructure – A surface look at this poor performance takes us to a big issue that is always attended to the government after government yet remains a very serious challenge.

Infrastructure seems to be improving year on year with several high profile roads and facilities being constructed. Tourist information centres, digital centres, hotels and other hospitality services have been constructed in the past few years giving an indication of progress yet we are still plagued with infrastructural deficits.

The main area which is believed to cause this deficit is the area of channel roads leading to most of our ‘’un-popular’’ tourist destinations. The main tourist sites in Ghana have been visited so many times that tourists now prefer to see other natural resources and tourist sites when they come to Ghana. Many of the roads leading to these places are in extremely bad conditions. Also since many of these sites are far away from town, accommodation, electricity and good drinking water are necessary to attract foreign tourists. Unfortunately, these are still a bit far from solved which may have contributed to the industry’s poor performance.

Credit: myjoyonline