Most palm oil contain candle wax apart from Sudan IV – Researcher

It’s now emerging that the palm oil on the markets could contain even more dangerous substances than cancer causing agent, Sudan – IV.

The Food and Drugs Authority has cautioned the public against consuming palm oil upon discovery that the markets have been adulterated with Sudan IV.

A researcher into human health Dominic Gyamfi who first raised concerns about the adulteration is now claiming some of the palm oil producers add candle wax as well to make the substance thicker.

He says more than 90 percent of palm oil on the market is adulterated with the candle wax which upon consumption has the potential to cause human death in the long term.

“Zomie (palm oil) contains a lot of Sudan IV and candle which have been diluted for human consumption and these are carcinogenic substances that when they come into the human system, they cause a lot of health complications,” he told Joy news’ Joseph Opoku Gakpo in an interview.

“Candle will make it look thicker. And the Sudan will make it look reddish and very appetizing,” Dominic Gyamfi who works at the University of Ghana Medical School explained.

The FDA has heightened its market surveillance after discovering palm oil samples picked from ten markets in the Greater Accra Region contained the highly dangerous textile dye which causes cancer.

The FDA in a statement said it randomly took 50 palm oil samples from various markets and discovered that 98 percent of them tested positive for the Sudan IV dye.

The police have arrested 22 market women in connection with the discovery.

But Mr. Gymafi is asking the authority to pay attention to the presence of other substances like candle wax in the palm oil too.

Credit: myjoyonline 

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