The World Trade Centre (WTC) Accra has officially opened its office on the first floor of the WTC Building. The new office also houses the virtual/temporary office facility.

With opening the virtual/temporary offices, the business community will now have access to the temporary office for business meetings as well as using the business address for their transactions.

According to the Managing Director of World Trade Centre Accra, Mr. Emmanuel Doni-Kwame, the new office offers the organisation a unique opportunity to offer one-stop-shop business and investment promotion services to its members and the entire business community.

WTC Accra has also achieved basic certification after undergoing an extensive certification process.
The World Trade Centres Association (WTCA) in New York awards such certification to its members after a rigorous assessment process to ensure compliance with service standards across the over-300 WTCs in the world.

The certification process involves an extensive evaluation of services and facilities in accordance with WTCA’s global benchmarks for excellence.

The award of basic certification to WTC Accra is a recognition of good services the Centre has been offering to the general public and other WTCs: in the areas of Reciprocity, International Trade Information services , Group Trade missions ( inbound and outbound), Conference Facilities, Exhibition Facilities and Services, Business Services and Tenant Services.

Presentation of the award will be done formally in Manila, Philippines, during the WTCA Annual General Assembly in April.

Source: b&ft ghana